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Cats on About.com - All About Cats and Kittens
Learn all about the care and feeding of cats of all ages. Free articles on cat behavior, pregnant cats, vet care and our bond with cats and kittens.
Travelling with Cats - About.com
There are times (cat shows, moving) that you will find it necessary to travel with your cat. These resources help turn a traumatic experience into one that is at ...
Cat Food -- Nutritional Requirements of Cats - About.com
Cats' nutritional needs are very specific and the nutritional quality of cat food is one of the most important factors in cats' health and longevity. These resources ...
10 Ways to Keep Cats Away From Yards (1-6)
I'm often asked how to keep cats away from yards. The answer lies in cat repellents, whether by wire, water, or just plain understanding how feline pests think.
Shelter Cat Adoption - Cats - About.com
Animal Shelters and cat rescue organizations play a huge role in helping homeless cats and dogs find permanent loving homes. The reasons for adopting a cat ...
Health and Behavior of Cats - Help With Common Feline Health and ...
Most of the "help!" emails I receive are about either health or behavior problems in cats. Readers are often surprised that sometimes there is a connection ...
Dr. Arnold Plotnick | Published Feline Articles | Manhattan Cat ...
Articles on a large number of conditions and diseases affecting the cat, written by Dr Arnold Plotnick.
Cat Care - Know When to Call the Vet - Cats - About.com
BIG disclaimer: I am not trained in veterinary medicine and have no skills in this area. I rely on my own veterinarian, who knows my cats, to use his training and ...
Cat Health - Prevention and Management of Feline Disease
For the concerned cat owner, cat health is one of the most important considerations. From prevention of disease, to understanding and treating a life- threatening ...
History of the Domestication of Cats - About Archaeology
The modern day cat was permanently domesticated about 4000 years ago, in Egypt; but archaeologists say it may have been closer to 10000 years ago.
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