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Amphibian Pictures


Amphibians are delicate, soft-skinned creatures that to this day retain close ties to the watery habitats their ancestors stepped out of some 365 million years ago. Here you can browse a collection of pictures and photographs of a variety of amphibians—from frogs and toads, to newts and salamanders.
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Red-eyed tree frog - Agalychnis callidryasRed-Eyed Tree FrogAxolotl - Ambystoma mexicanumAxolotlFire salamander - Salamandra salamandraFire SalamanderGolden toad - Bufo periglenesGolden Toad
Leopard frog - RanaLeopard FrogBanded bullfrog - Kaloula pulchraBanded BullfrogGreen tree frog - Litoria caeruleaGreen Tree FrogSmooth newt - Lissotriton vulgarisSmooth Newt
Painted reed frog - Hyperolius marmoratusPainted Reed FrogMexican burrowing caecilian - Dermophis mexicanusMexican Burrowing CacilianCalifornia newt - Taricha torosaCalifornia NewtTyler's tree frog - Litoria tyleriTyler's Tree Frog

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