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Leaf-Cutter Ant Pictures


Leaf-cutter ants are crafty cultivators. They tend vast gardens of fungus that they harvest to feed their minions. In return, the ants care for the fungus. They constantly clip and compost bits of leaves to form a rich substrate on which the fungus thrives. When the fungus is attacked by pathogens, the ants fight back, armed with bacteria that counteract the pathogen.
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Leaf-cutter ant - AttaLeaf-Cutter Ant QueenLeaf-cutter ant - AttaLeaf-Cutter Ant WorkerLeaf-cutter ant - AttaLeaf-Cutter Ant WorkerLeaf-cutter ants - AttaLeaf-Cutter Ants
Leaf-cutter ants - AttaLeaf-Cutter Ants
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