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Arthropods are a highly successful group of animals that evolved more than 500 million years ago and are still going strong today. They have colonized a vast variety of ecological niches around the globe and have evolved into a multitude of forms. There are many millions of species of arthropods, the majority of which are insects. Here you can browse pictures of spiders, scorpions, horseshoe crabs, katydids, beetles, millipedes, and more.
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Cucumber green spider - Araniella cucurbitinaCucumber Green SpiderAfrican yellow leg scorpion - Opistophthalmus carinatusAfrican Yellow Leg ScorpionHorseshoe crab - Limulus polyphemusHorseshoe CrabJumping spider - SalticidaeJumping Spider
Lesser marbled fritillary - Brenthis inoLesser Marbled FritillaryGhost crabs - OcypodeGhost CrabKatydid - TettigoniidaeKatydidMillipedes - DiplopodaMillipede
Porcelain crab - PorcellanidaePorcelain CrabRosy lobsterette - Nephropsis roseaRosy LobsteretteDragonfly - AnisopteraDragonflyLadybug - CoccinellidaeLadybug

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