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Polar Bear


Polar Bear
Polar bears (Ursus maritimus) are the second largest species of bears, smaller than only the brown bear. Their size helps them conserve heat. The larger the bear, the more slowly they loose heat. Their fur is a creamy color, not pure white, and they have black skin. Polar bears have a dense underfur and thick layer of fatty blubber to aid in insulation.

Polar bears feed primarily on seals. They have two basic hunting tactics, stalking (which involves slowly moving towards their prey and when close enough, charging in for the attack) and still hunting (which involves sitting beside a hole in the ice that a seal uses as a breathing hole; when the seal emerges to breath, the polar bear attacks).

Habitat and Range:

Polar bears are found in Russia, Alaska, Canada, Greenland and in Norway's Svalbard archipelago). Tundra, icecap.
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