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Birds are a truly unique group of vertebrates. Their ability to fly sets distinguishes them and aAlthough birds are neither the only nor the first creatures to have taken to the air—insects beat them to it by millions of years—birds are truly the most skilled of all winged animals. Here you can browse pictures of birds including vultures, puffins, jays, cranes, sandgrouse, robins, gannets, plovers and more.
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Griffin vulture - Gyps fulvusGriffin VultureNene goose - Branta sandvicensisNene GooseAmerican flamingo - Phoenicopterus ruberAmerican FlamingoSpur-winged plover - Vanellus spinosusSpur-winged Plover
Northern gannet - Morus bassanusNorthern GannetAtlantic puffin - Fratercula arcticaAtlantic PuffinCedar waxwing - Bombycilla cedrorumCedar WaxwingBlue jay - Cyanocitta cristataBlue Jay
European robin - Erithacus rebeculaEuropean RobinNorthern cardinal - Cardinalis cardinalisNorthern CardinalBlack-faced sandgrouse - Pterocles decoratusBlack-Faced SandgrouseSandhill crane - Grus canadensisSandhill Crane

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