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Shoebill - Balaeniceps rex.

Shoebill - Balaeniceps rex.

Photo © David Nagy / Shutterstock.
The shoebill (Balaeniceps rex) is an intriguing looking bird that inhabits central Africa. It is a massive bird, growing to heights of 3-1/2ft to 4-1/2ft tall. The shoebill is also referred to as the whale-headed stork and both of these common names reflect the distinct broad bill this bird posesses. The plumage of the shoebill is various shades of grey and both sexes exhibit similar plumage.

Shoebills have very sharp edges on their bills that are ideal for capturing and eating prey. Shoebills use these sharp edges to cut up their food prior to swallowing it.



Freshwater swams, dense marshes, and wetlands in Central Africa.
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