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Canids are a group of carnivores that includes dogs, wolves, foxes, coyotes, jackels. There are 36 species of canids alive today. The articles listed below provide information about the characteristics, classification and evolution of canids.

The spotted hyena is a scavenger that inhabits the grasslands, savannahs, and semi-deserts of sub-Saharan Africa.

Arctic Wolf
The Arctic wolf is a subspecies of grey wolf that lives in the Canadian Arctic, Alaska, and northern Greenland.

Highlights from the 'State of the Wolf' Report
In 2004, the Defenders of Wildlife published the State of the Wolf Report which examines the status of both red and gray wolf populations throughout the United States.

Norway Announces Plans to Cull Wolf Population
The WWF reports that the Norwegian Directorate for Nature has approved the killing of five critically endangered wolves, justifying the action as a means of protecting domestic livestock such as sheep.

The Mystery of North America's Black Wolves
Despite their common name, gray wolves are a colorful bunch of canines. Their coat color can range from white to gray to black and is regulated by a complex set of genetic factors.

The Return of Wolves to Yellowstone
In 1926, the last of the wild gray wolves were eliminated from Yellowstone National Park. The absence of wolves in the park meant that one of region's top predators was missing.

Wolves Alter Face of Yellowstone in a Decade
A decade ago, wolves were reintroduced back into Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. The park's population has now grown to 130 wolves that have formed 13 packs.

Red Fox
The red fox is the largest species of true fox and is also among the most widespread mammals. Its range includes most areas throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

Canids are a group of carnivores that includes dogs, wolves, foxes, coyotes, jackals. This profile explores basic facts about canids including how they are classified, what they eat, where they live and the characteristics that make them different from other carnivores.

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