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Cats of Africa - Caracal, Serval, Cheetah, Leopards, and Lions

Facts and Photos of Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Cheetahs and Other Cats


Leopard - Panthera pardus.

Leopard - Panthera pardus.

Photo © Jakob Metzger / Shutterstock.

African Cats

The cats of Africa include:

  • Caracal—The caracal is also known as the 'desert lynx' has a unique ability to spring up into the air and swat birds with its paw. It grows to lengts of about 23-26in with a tail of lenghts 9-12in.
  • Serval—The serval has a long neck, long legs, and a lean body. It resembles a smaller version of a cheetah.
  • Cheetah—The cheetah is a unique cat and is known for its speed, holding the respectable title of the fastest animal on land.
  • Leopard—The leopard is a large spotted cat (with rosettes of black markings) that is found in Africa as well as parts of southern Asia.
  • Lion—The lion is the only cat to form prides or groups of related adults and their offspring. Lions are tawny in color. They are sexually dimorphic; males have a thick shaggy mane of hair framing their face (females do not).
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