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Cat Coat Patterns


From the plain-pelted lion to the striped tiger to the speckled cheetah, cats boast a wide range of coat colors and patterns. Here we'll take a look some of the coat patterns and color variations exhibited by members of the cat family.
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Lion - Panthera leoLionsMountain lion - Puma concolorMountain LionCaracal - Caracal caracalCaracalTiger - Panthera tigrisTiger
Siberian tiger - Panthera tigris altaicaSiberian TigerJaguar - Panthera oncaJaguarLion - Panthera leoLion CubCheetah - Acinonyx jubatusCheetah and Cubs
King cheetah - Acinonyx jubatusKing CheetahBlack jaguar - Panthera oncaBlack JaguarWhite tiger - Panthera tigrisWhite TigerWhite lion - Panthera leoWhite Lion Pride

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