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Lion and Tiger Subspecies
Lion (Panthera leo)

Lion (Panthera leo)

Photo © Keith Levit

Lion Subspecies

There are numerous lion subspecies and there is disagreement among experts as to which subspecies are recognized, but here are a few:

  • Panthera leo persica (Asiatic lion)
  • Panthera leo leo (Barbary lion)
  • Panthera leo azandica (North East Congo lion)
  • Panthera leo bleyenberghi (Katanga lion)
  • Panthera leo krugeri (South African lion)
  • Panthera leo nubica (East African lion)
  • Panthera leo senegalensis (West African lion)

Tiger Subspecies

There are six tiger subspecies:

  • Panthera tigris (Amur or Siberian tiger)
  • Panthera tigris (Bengal tiger)
  • Panthera tigris (Indochinese tiger)
  • Panthera tigris (South China tiger)
  • Panthera tigris (Malayan tiger)
  • Panthera tigris (Sumatran tiger)
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