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Fishes are a diverse group of vertebrates and represent an informal collection of animals, not a true taxanomic class. For the purposes of this website, we recognize four groups of fishes including hagfish, lampreys, cartilaginous fishes and bony fishes. There are more than 24,000 species of fishes alive today. The articles listed below provide information about the characteristics, classification and evolution of fishes.
  1. Bony Fishes (9)
  2. Cartilaginous Fishes (10)
  3. Hagfish (0)
  4. Lampreys (0)

Fishes include hagfishes, lampreys, lobe-finned fishes, cartilaginous fishes and ray-finned fishes. This profile explores basic facts about fishes including how they are classified, what they eat, where they live and the characteristics that make them different from other animal groups.

Facts About Fishes
Learn interesting facts about fishes and find out about their diversity, evolutionary history and the characteristics make them different from other animal groups.

The Basic Fish Groups
An introduction to the basic fish groups including bony fishes and cartilaginous fishes.

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