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Mammals are a group of vertebrates that includes about 21 groups such as anteaters, bats, carnivores, cetaceans, elephants, marsupials, primates, rodents and many others. There are about 5,400 species of mammals alive today. Mammals first appeared about 200 million years ago during the Jurassic Period. The articles listed below provide information about the characteristics, classification and evolution of mammals.
  1. Aardvark (1)
  2. Anteaters (4)
  3. Bats (5)
  4. Carnivores (63)
  5. Cetaceans (17)
  6. Elephants (9)
  7. Elephant Shrews (1)
  8. Even-Toed Hoofed Mammals (14)
  9. Flying Lemurs (1)
  10. Hares, Rabbits and Pikas (4)
  11. Hyraxes (1)
  12. Insectivores (1)
  13. Marsupials (3)
  14. Monotremes (1)
  15. Odd-Toed Hoofed Mammals (11)
  16. Pangolins (1)
  17. Primates (21)
  18. Rodents (7)
  19. Seals and Sea Lions (3)
  20. Sirenians (3)
  21. Tree Shrews (0)

Mammals are a group of four-legged vertebrates that have hair, a four chambered heart and mammary glands. This profile explores basic facts about mammals including how they are classified, what they eat, where they live and the characteristics that make them different from other animal groups.

Facts About Mammals
Learn interesting facts about mammals and find out about their diversity, evolutionary history and the characteristics make them different from other animal groups.

The Basic Mammal Groups
An introduction to the basic mammal groups including aardvarks, bats, carnivores, cetaceans, elephants, marsupials, primates, rodents, and many others.

Mammal Characteristics
Mammal characteristics include numerous adaptations that enable them to survive in a wide range of environments. This article explores the key characteristics that together distinguish mammals from other animal groups.

Mammal Pictures
Pictures of mammals, including mammal photos such as pronghorn, meerkats, lions, koalas, hippopotamuses, dolphins and more.

Mammal Characteristics
Mammals display a remarkable array of adaptations that enable them to inhabit a wide range of habitats. Some of their characteristics, such as hair, mammary glands, three specialized middle-ear bones are shared by no other groups of animals.

A to Z List of Mammals
An A to Z list of mammal profiles available on this site, sorted alphabetically.

The 10 Largest Mammals
The mammals listed here are the biggest and the bulkiest that inhabit our planet today. This article explores the facts and figures that place these mammals at the top of their class when it comes to size and stature.

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