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Terrestrial Snail Pictures


The shell of a terrestrial snail is often a key feature used to identify the snail's species. In this gallery, you'll find profiles for six terrestrial snails—Roman snails, garden snails, giant Ghana snails, East African land snails, cospe snails, and white-lipped snails. You'll also get a close-up view of each snail's shell so you can better recognize the features unique to the shell of each species.
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Roman snail - Helix pomatiaRoman SnailDetailed views of a Roman snail shell.Roman Snail ShellGarden Snail - Helix aspersaGarden SnailSenestre and dextral forms of garden snail shells.Garden Snail Shell
Giant Ghana Snail - Achatina achatinaGiant Ghana SnailGiant Ghana Snail Shell - Achatina achatinaGiant Ghana Snail ShellEast-African Land Snail - Achatina fulicaEast-African Land SnailEast-African Land Snail ShellEast-African Land Snail Shell
Cospe snail - Arianta arbustorumCospe SnailCospe snail shellCospe Snail ShellWhite-lipped snail - Cepaea hortensisWhite-Lipped SnailWhite-Lipped Snail ShellWhite-Lipped Snail Shell

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