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Roman Snail Shell


Detailed views of a Roman snail shell.

Detailed views of a Roman snail shell.

Photo © Didier Descouens / Wikipedia.
The shell of the Roman snail is brown and has several light brown bands that follow the spiral of the shell, from the aperture to the apex. The Roman snail shell is quite a large shell for a terrestrial snail. The shell of an adult Roman snail measures between 4 and 5 centimeters in height and diameter. The shell of an adult snail weighs about one-third of its total body weight.

The shell of a Roman snail grows as the snail matures. Proper shell growth requires that the snail be exposed to the right habitat conditions and diet. If temperatures are too hot or dry for the growing snail, shell growth is impeded. Also, if the snail is unable to obtain a diet rich in calcium carbonate, the shell cannot grow.

Roman snail shells typically have four to six whorls. The umbilicus (the circular space on the underside of the snail's shell located at the center of the whorls) is narrow and partly covered by the columellar wall.

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