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Equids (Equidae) includes horses, zebras, and asses. Equids are beautiful, graceful mammals that have long slender legs, a stocky body, and long, narrow heads. They are swift runners and possess grace, speed, and endurance, enabling them to flee from predators.

Equids inhabit the desert and grasslands of Asia and Africa but have been introduced to many areas around the globe. All species of equids have a heavy coat of fur, feed primarily on grass, and possess acute senses of sight and hearing.

The domesticated horse is descended from the wild horse. Domesticated horses are the most common equids today. Most equids in the wild are endangered as a result of habitat destruction.

Equids form herds that consist of extended family groups. These herds cover large areas and individuals communicate to other herd members using mouth gestures, ear movements, vocalizations, and tail movements.

Horses and their relatives are referred to as odd-toed ungulates. Ungulates is a term used to described hoofed animals. Hoofed animals are categorized by the number of toes they posess (an even number or odd number). In the case of horses, they posess an odd number of toes.

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