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Threatened and Endangered Animals of Arkansas

Arkansas Animals Protected by the Endangered Species Act


Threatened and Endangered Animals of Arkansas

The gray bat is one of Arkansas' endangered species.

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The following list is an adaptation of data published by the US FWS. Please refer to their database for the latest information about endangered species.

Threatened and endangered animals of Arkansas:

Bat, gray - Myotis grisescens
Bat, Indiana - Myotis sodalis
Bat, Ozark big-eared - Corynorhinus (Plecotus) townsendii ingens
Beetle, American burying - Nicrophorus americanus
Cavefish, Ozark - Amblyopsis rosae
Crayfish, cave - Cambarus aculabrum
Crayfish, cave - Cambarus zophonastes
Curlew, Eskimo - Numenius borealis
Darter, leopard - Percina pantherina
Fatmucket, Arkansas - Lampsilis powelli
Mucket, pink (pearlymussel) - Lampsilis abrupta
Mussel, scaleshell - Leptodea leptodon
Panther, Florida - Puma (Felis) concolor coryi
Pearlymussel, Curtis - Epioblasma florentina curtisii
Pocketbook, fat - Potamilus capax
Pocketbook, Ouachita rock - Arkansia wheeleri
Pocketbook, speckled - Lampsilis streckeri
Shagreen, Magazine Mountain - Mesodon magazinensis
Shiner, Arkansas River - Notropis girardi
Sturgeon, pallid - Scaphirhynchus albus
Tern, least - Sterna antillarum
Wolf, gray - Canis lupus
Woodpecker, ivory-billed - Campephilus principalis
Woodpecker, red-cockaded - Picoides borealis


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