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Wolf Protection

Wolves are among a number of predator species that have been targeted by humans because they sometimes resort to the killing of livestock. Such persecution has led to widespread decline or elimination of the species from many areas of its former range. But now despite controversy, conservation efforts are bringing the wolf back to the wild.

Highlights from the 'State of the Wolf' Report
In 2004, the Defenders of Wildlife published the State of the Wolf Report which examines the status of both red and gray wolf populations throughout the United States.

Norway Announces Plans to Cull Wolf Population
The WWF reports that the Norwegian Directorate for Nature has approved the killing of five critically endangered wolves (Canis lupus), justifying the action as a means of protecting domestic livestock such as sheep.

The Return of Wolves to Yellowstone
In 1926, the last of the wild gray wolves were eliminated from Yellowstone National Park. The absence of wolves in the park meant that one of region's top predators was missing.

Wolves Alter Face of Yellowstone in a Decade
In 1995, grey wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park after having been absent from the area since the early 1930s. Their 65-year absence was the result of a series of predator control programs led by the US Government.

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