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Zoology Basics

Zoology is the study of animals and involves research in many aspects of animal life such as behavior, diet, evolution, classification, and distribution.
  1. Ecology (6)
  2. Natural History (8)
  3. Ancient Animals / Fossils (10)
  4. Identifying Animals (21)
  5. Zoology Glossary (572)

The 10 Largest Mammals
The mammals listed here are the biggest and the bulkiest that inhabit our planet today. This article explores the facts and figures that place these mammals at the top of their class when it comes to size and stature.

The Largest Organisms on Earth
Giant sequoias, blue whales, Komodo dragons, African elephants all share the distinction of being among the world's largest organisms. Find out more about these and other sizeable creatures in this article examining the largest organisms on Earth.

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