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Readers Respond: What Earth Day Means to You

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From the article: What is Earth Day?
Earth Day is intended to raise raising public awareness about a variety of environmental issues. These issues vary from year to year—air pollution, water pollution, habitat destruction, sustainable energy, climate change, species losses, and environmental policies. But this list of issues is broad and their solution is complex. For individuals, Earth Day is often best celebrated on a smaller scale, by acting on behalf of a single issue such as working to save an endangered species in your region or helping to discourage the use of pesticides in your neighborhood. This year, what does Earth Day mean to you?

taking action

Maybe it means reducing pollution, applying the "3R" policy (Recycle, Reduce and Reuse), making groups and discussing how to contribute and spread awareness.
—Guest snehal

Earth Day

Earth Day means sharing and inspiring people about the goodness of our creator when she created earth. We have to preserve the earth for the next generation.
—Guest Sonia

Recycle and be green

My opinion of Earth Day? Earth Day is a time to plant trees, recycle and just be green.
—Guest Kaelyn

Earth friendliness

Earth Day means to me that since Earth is where life began, we should pick up after ourselves and learn how we can be earth-freindly. A lot of animals die because of trash or toxic waste like pollution. You might as well kill all the animal because thats what where doing.
—Guest loree

A day to appreciate life itself

Earth is our, well everything: life. With out Earth we wouldn't be here and it's amazing how things work to keep Earth going. Like how bees pollinate our flowers and how squirrels plant acorns in the ground, growing more trees. It's amazing and Earth Day is a day to appreciate these things and how they are done.
—Guest theohsoknoweverythinggirl

Conservation of energy

To me, Earth Day means conservation of energy. People need to recycle to protect our environment.
—Guest desiree

Pick-up trash

I think it means trying to keep the Earth clean and pick-up trash. It is all around us, do not ignore it, do you part and clean-up the earth so we can go green.
—Guest lydia

Recycling as much as possible

Earth Day comes about the same time as I do my spring cleaning so I try to recycle as much as possible while I get rid of stuff that I don't need.
—Guest RJS

Giving money to the Nature Conservancy

Each Earth Day, I give some money to the Nature Conservancy. They work to protect land in generous quantities and I think that's the root of all conservation. Without intact habitats, we cannot sustain species and ecosystems properly for future generations.
—Guest Ellen
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